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Here are a few links to other services that Lee recommends

to all her friends!

  • Blue Heron Support - Jayne Carney created my website and those of many friends! Talented webmaster and photographer!

  • Blinn Plumbing - 508-655-4456 - Kurtis is the best plumber out there! Professional, responsive and a perfectionist.

  • Payneless Flooring - Rte 20 Marlboro- Matt did an amazing job on my floors and built me a gorgeous stone wall. Highly recommended.

  • Camaforte Design Cabinetry- Framingham - The designer of my beautiful Color Bar!

  • Anthony Susi, Realtor - Top Realtor in NE! I have used him for selling & buying! Best in the Business!


Winter Weather Tips:

With the weather and our heating systems making our skin, hair and nails so dry, make sure to follow these rules:

  • Shampooing- Make sure to use only a dime to nickel size of shampoo. Add water and lather. Apply only to your scalp ( go under the hair and scrub the scalp) ONLY lather through the hair if you have product buildup. Rinse.

  • Conditioning- Make sure to only apply conditioner to your ends ( last inch or two of your hair ). Do not apply to your scalp otherwise you will get an oily residue on your scalp. Use cool water to rinse so you seal that moisture in.

  • Heat- Only use your flat iron or heating tools with a protector oil ( example. Chi Shine Spray) . Try not to use your tools more than 2 to 3 times a week.

  • Humidify- Buy a humidifier for your room. My favorite is the Vicks one. Hot steam goes into your air. Helps with dry skin and nosebleeds.

  • Remember- you can never moisturize your skin enough. Neutrogena has less perfumes and irritants and works well.

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